Rectal Rocket


J.Vail. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding, Vol. 11 No. 3 May/June 2007.


Hemorrhoids, which remain one of the most common colorectal complains, have been classified into three types: (1) internal, (2) external, and (3) internal-external (mixed). Currently, there are a variety of therapeutic options for hemorrhoids, and the severity of hemorrhoidal disease determines the proper therapy. Added to the present armamentarium of therapies is a uniquely designed suppository that is used primarily to treat internal and external hemorrhoids and also is used for the treatment of anal fissures. The Rectal Rocket delivers lidocaine and hydrocortisone directly to the site of inflammation and heals injured tissue. Unlike commercially available suppositories hat lapse into the rectum, the flared end of the Rectal Rocket and its comparatively larger size ensure that the medication remains in contact with the affected tissue for 4-6 hours and heals most hemorrhoids in two doses. The Rectal Rocket holds the medication at the receptor site, thereby simultaneously treating both internal and external (mixed) hemorrhoids. In patients with mixed hemorrhoids, it obviates the need for using both a cream for external application and a traditional suppository, which lapses into the colon and does not remain at the site of inflammation. Another advantage is that the strength of the medications can be lower than that used in traditional suppositories because a Rectal Rocket remains in place for a long period of time.

Patient Information Sheet for Rectal Rocket Suppository

1. This suppository is designed so that part of the suppository is inserted into the rectum to treat internal hemorrhoids, while the larger flared end of the suppository remains on the outside to treat external hemorrhoids.

2. The suppository should be used when the patient will be able to lie down for at least 6 hours.

3. The suppository should be at room temperature when placed in the rectum. Always run the suppository under warm water for a few seconds before insertion.

4. The diagram below identifies the proper placement of the rocket suppository in relationship to internal and external hemorrhoids.

5. See your physician if you are experiencing continued excessive bleeding (bright red blood) from your hemorrhoids.

Untreated Hemorrhoid Rectal Rocket Inserted