Troches (Lozenges)

Dissolving Troches Compounding

Troches are medicated lozenges that can be compounded with different medications to dissolve in the mouth. 

Since troches stay in the mouth for a period of time while they dissolve, they can be compounded with several flavors  to make them more appealing and appetizing.

What conditions are troches used to treat?

Troches enable the medication to stay in contact with the mouth for a longer period of time, so they can provide treatment for a variety of conditions that are isolated in the mouth, including oral fungal and yeast infections, dry mouth, burning mouth syndrome, and sore throats.

Troches are also beneficial for conditions involving other areas of the body that require the medication to work quickly, such as migraines, hormone replacement therapy, and erectile dysfunction.

Patients who would benefit from troches?

Many patients prefer troches over oral formulations because they are easy to take and do not require swallowing large pills, but there are certain times when troches may be especially useful.

Example: Ketamine Troches for refractory depression especially in palliative /hospice patients