We are excited to be offering the universal influenza vaccine to our community for the 2021/22 flu season. It is important to receive vaccination to protect ourselves and the ones around us. The COVID-19 pandemic does not change this, and in fact makes it even more crucial that people are vaccinated. However, the need to protect our staff and patients and ensure physical distancing during this time has made it so that walk-in flu shots will be difficult to accommodate. We are strongly encouraging that anyone interested in receiving the flu shot from our pharmacy use our online booking platform, BookMyShot.com, to be notified when flu shots become available, book a time slot and complete registration online.

Seniors”  (ages 65+) flu shots (i.e. High Dose ) will be available from us this year!!!

Click on the link below and enter our pharmacy phone number, 226-383-8000, as well as your personal information and email. Flu Shot consent forms will be emailed and can be completed online instead of physically in pharmacy.

For any technical issues or inquiries please call our pharmacy and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.