PAXLOVID Medication (For COVID-19)

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Eligibility for FREE Paxlovid Medication for COVID-19:

1) The individual has received a positive COVID-19 test result (Home Rapid Antigen or PCR test); AND

2) The individual will be starting Paxlovid™ treatment within five days of symptom onset (symptom onset day is considered day zero); AND

3) The individual is not on supplemental oxygen and is,

**60 years of age and older,

**18 years of age or older but less than 60 years of age, and is:

        • immunocompromised 

       • at high risk of severe COVID-19 because the individual has one or more comorbidities (such as diabetes, lung or heart disease) or

      • at high risk of severe COVID-19 because they have inadequate immunity due to being unvaccinated, having an incomplete series of primary COVID-19 vaccination or not having had a COVID-19 vaccine dose or COVID-19 infection within the past six months.