Reap These 5 Benefits through Pharmacy Compounding

Pharmacy Compounding

Compounding is a type of pharmacy practice combining two or more ingredients to create customized medications tailored to a patient's needs. The process involves blending science and art to create medications tailored to the patient’s needs. This can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Here are five of them:

Benefit 1: Access to Alternative Dosages
Compounding pharmacists can customize medications to the needs of the patient. They can
create the medication in the patient’s preferred form, such as a liquid suspension or add flavour to make the medicine more pleasant. This helps ensure that the patient can take the medication as prescribed.

You can have your prescriptions filled in alternative ways with a compounding pharmacy. They
can create formulations such as creams and gels applied to the skin and permeate the
bloodstream. The benefit is that the medications are custom tailored to the specific dosage and
strength you need. Example: pain creams  to avoid side effect you may experience from taking oral pain pills 

Benefit 2: Access to Obsolete Medicines
When a medication is unavailable or discontinued, it can be incredibly frustrating for a patient.
Fortunately, a compounding pharmacy can provide access to discontinued or hard-to-find
medications by closely replicating or reproducing the medication. This ensures the patient can
still receive the health benefits the prescription provides. Most recent examples are children’s tylenol and advil shortages, antibiotics, etc

Benefit 3: Added Value
Compounding pharmacies provide an alternative to traditional medications by allowing patients
to customize their prescriptions. A compounding pharmacy works with a doctor or other healthcare provider to create personalized medication tailored to the individual needs. This
includes removing unwanted ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction or sensitivity. By
customizing a medication, the patient can get the exact prescription that works best for their
health and well-being, Example: gluten free or lactose free pill

Benefit 4: Convenience in Using and Taking
Many medications have an unpleasant or difficult taste when taken, which makes it difficult to
take them as prescribed. Compounding pharmacists can customize medications to be more
palatable by creating them in the flavour of your choice. This makes it easier for those who are
particular about taking medications, such as young children, elderly patients, and even pets, to
take them as directed.

Compounding pharmacies provide custom-made medications that cater to the specific needs of
our patients. Their expertise allows them to create therapeutic solutions tailored to each
individuals needs. We are passionate about helping people and take pride in being able to
provide personalized medications that cannot be found in larger pharmacies.
Always explore their website to discover all the treatments and services we can provide for your
whole family, including your pets. You can also learn about the science and art behind
compounding medications and the added benefits of using a compounding pharmacy.

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