Medication Check-up

You may benefit from a medication check if you have following questions or thoughts about your medications:

  • “Do I really need to be on this medication?” “I am taking too many medications”
    • It is common to find that a medication was started for a good reason some time in the past, but that the problem is no longer present, or it needs to be reassessed to find a better option
    • Sometimes your medications can be combined into one tablet so you have to swallow less pills and make your medication list smaller!
  • “I don’t think this medication is working”
    • Your doctor may start you on the lowest medication dose possible. But if you’re still having symptoms, the dose may need to be increased. That’s common with drugs for heart failure, such as diuretics or ACE inhibitors. Or if you’ve been taking medication for a while and your symptoms are no longer controlled, that may indicate your condition has worsened and you need a stronger dose or a different drug.
  • “ I am experiencing side effect”
    • Our pharmacist has the expertise to suggest on how to mitigate side effects or find an alternative
  • “I am being admitted to hospital for surgery or going for procedure” or “I have a specialist appointment”
  • “I am being discharged from hospital”
    • Lot of times your medications gets changed during hospital admission. Our pharmacist will explain the changes that has occurred, reasoning behind it, educate on side effects, monitoring plan, and FOLLOW UP to see how you are doing.

Take advantage of our FREE Meds check Service to help with ANY medication issues/questions/concerns. In a short 20 to 30 minute, one on one appointment with our pharmacist, we can put your minds at ease and ensure your medications are working for you.  You are also welcome to bring your loved one or care giver to assist in the discussions surrounding your medication regime.  Appointments can be made at the pharmacy or if you are unable to get into the store, our friendly staff can come to your home.